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Fence, Palisade & Claustra

Secure and partition your spaces for a more harmonious and stylish environment

Your desire...

You already have a gate entrance and want to complete your exterior seamlessly with a custom-made steel fence?

Fence design steel wicket metal welding mig mag tig grid black mat galvanized Nantes
Claustra outdoor custom-made steel laser cutted garden lounge visual partition Nantes

Can't find a standard claustra you like on the market?

Would you like a laser cutted fence to include your personalized and unique designs?

Fence laser cutted galvanized powder coated welding fixation Nantes Vendée


Fence, Palisade & Claustra can be made of square, round, wrought iron tubes, or identical to your existing entrance or wicket… to be placed on an existing masonry or with its own steel supporting structure as well,… with or without patterns such as flowers, animals, in decorative or laser-cutted sheet metal, … in a raw varnished, patinated, powder coating finish, … no limit except installation and height!

In terms of standards...

There are regulations regarding a fence (or a palisade/a claustra) which can be dictated by the LUP, the municipal map or even local customs.

If there is no local rule, the law imposes a maximum height of 8.5ft in a municipality of less than 50,000 inhabitants and 10.5ft if greater than 50,000 (french civil code article 663).
In any case, contact your Town Hall to be certain of the regulations governing your project.

You will need to make a Preliminary Works Request (for work not subject to a permit, called DP in french) with your Town Hall.
In the case of a pool fence, the standard is different and the minimum height will be 3.6ft.

fence occul hide dimensions standards height swiming pool Nantes
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