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If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us!

Pq acier inox

Why steel and stainless steel?

Steel and stainless steel are noble materials to work with, made up mostly of iron and carbon.
The oldest artifacts made of meteoric iron date back nearly 6,000 years...
They can be hot or cold forged, twisted, straightened, cut, welded by multiple processes, ground, sanded, galvanized, painted, powder coated, ...
They are strong, resistant and durable and generally allow finer structures (and yet just as resistant, if not more) than most other common materials in construction, layouts and furniture.

Délai projet

How long does it take to complete my project?

The announced deadline for carrying out your project can be from a few weeks to several months.
It is necessary to take into account, in addition to the design/production in the workshop of your project, of subcontracting time such as the purchase of the raw material (steel, stainless steel, piece of noble wood, glass products, finishes, ...), galvanizing, powder coating, painting, ... which may be part of the deadline. Time to which can be added imponderables such as the breakage of a tool, a machine that breaks down, a power cut, ...
This is why your project will take at least a few weeks to be delivered or installed, and up to several months if projects are already on the schedule.
The announced deadline generally takes into account the elements mentioned above, but it is valid only at the time of the edition of the estimate. If several hours/days pass between the reception of this one and your voucher for agreement with deposit, one or more other projects may have been validated in between.
Nevertheless, everything necessary will be done so that your project will be delivered to you within the announced deadline.

Acompte 40% cde

Why a 40% deposit on order?

40% of the total amount of the order represents on average the cost of purchasing raw materials, hardware, as well as subcontracting (galvanizing, powder coating, pieces of noble wood, glass products, etc.).
Your project being unique and custom-made, these purchases could therefore very probably not be reused for future projects, which is why they are requested from you for the validation of the order.

Rencontre avant devis

Why meeting us before establishing a quote?

For all layout projects, it will be necessary to meet at the place of the future location. Even if you know exactly what you want, unless you are a metalworker too, it is likely that we can provide you expertise and advices. In addition, seeing and understanding your environment and your choices of existing layout and decoration will lead us to offer you a project that will be as close as possible to your desires (much closer in any case than a request for a quote simply by e-mail and/or by phone).
As for furniture, it may not be necessary to meet, especially if we are far apart. But if the meeting is possible, we will make sure to organize it.

Quel entetien

What maintenance does my steel/wood/glass project require over time?


For any custom steel or stainless steel project, the metal will be protected by us.

The project may have a "raw" aspect.
Regarding stainless steel, for an exterior railing for example, no oxidation will appear over time. The use of a high pressure cleaner will be enough to rid it of the impurities which would have deposited on it.
For an all-steel interior project as a kitchen for example, the protection applied will be a polymerizable metal oil which will perfectly protect the steel from possible corrosion. A simple sponge with a washing-up product will suffice for its regular maintenance against splashes of any kind (food, marking utensils of your children, etc.).

The project can be painted by the powder coating process (application of a colored powder "cooked" in a oven at around 200°C, which will ensure it an unequaled hold over time.
A simple sponge with a washing-up product will suffice for its regular maintenance against splashes of any kind (food, marking utensils of your children, etc.).
You can also use a steam cleaner.

It can be simply galvanized, or galvanized and powder coated if it is an outdoor project, and in this case no particular maintenance is required. The use of a high pressure cleaner, respecting a distance of at least 20" between the nozzle and the project, will be enough to rid off the impurities which would have deposited on it.

Glass products:

In the case of an awning or a glass partition wall, for example, the glasses are the same as those used for your windows, bay window, etc. Steam cleaner, high pressure cleaner and common household cleaning products can be used.

Noble woods:

For a table top, library shelves, stair treads, the product used to protect it, which may include a particular color or be totally transparent, will be one of the ©Rubio varnishes. These are totally healthy for your environment as well as you and your children. A bit like a kitchen worktop, avoid products that are too aggressive.
A steam cleaning can be done, just like a dishwashing product.

If ever the surface had received scratches (knife, heavy object moved on, ...) you can either call us back or get yourself the oil whose reference will be apparent in the quote if you are a handyman. In this case, a sanding of the surface to be treated and a new passage of oil will suffice. In addition, this product leaves no traces of areas or excess thickness on the unsanded area! 

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