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Canopy & Awning

Hard or glazed, your entrance protected against days of unbridled rain

Your desire...

awning modern marquise steel manufacture paint powder coated integrated lighting metal Nantes

You want to protect your entrance with a canopy or awning, while giving it the charm of the old, or on the contrary modernize it?

Marquise ancient steel glass glazing entrance installation custom-made Nantes
Marquise modern steel galvanized black galsses Loire-Atlantique metal


Canopy and awning can be in square, round, flat iron tubes, … with glasses (clear, opaque, smoked, reinforced, …) laminated or tempered, one or more steel sheets, … with or without patterns such as flowers, animals, in decorative sheets, laser cutted… in a raw varnished, patinated, powder coated finish,… no limit except the environment of installation!

In terms of standards...

The Canopy, as well as the awning, may require a Prior Declaration (DP) to your Town Hall.
Do not hesitate beforehand to find out if restrictions are in force in your street or locality (materials, colors, shapes, etc.).


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