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Railing & stair railing

Protection against the risk of falls, design and elegance in addition

Your desire...

Do you want to secure a terrace, a balcony, with a design railing?

railing terrace balcony steel mtal metal fixation Nantes grid galvanized
Railing mezzanine metalwork welding steel paint powder coated interior Nantes

Do you want your mezzanine to accommodate your children's playground without risk with a railing?

Do you want to protect your staircase against the risk of falling with elegant stairs railing?

Stairs handrail Nantes railing staircases modern steel black mat design


A railing or stair railing laid in the French or English style, … solid, laser cut, in simple or forged bars, horizontally, vertically, unstructured, … with a flat handrail in metal, forged, in square or round tube, wood, ... in a raw varnished, patinated, powder coated ... and in compliance with existing safety standards, do not hesitate to call to discuss your project!

In terms of standards...


Also called balustrade, the "railing" has no legal dimension for individuals, except if your property is intended to be rented or already is.

However, it provides significant safety against falls.
So for a balcony, upstairs, on a mezzanine or even for a high terrace, the railing is a proven safety element.
The standards applicable to establishments receiving public (ERP) are full of common sense and should be applied when designing a railing, whatever its destination.

Thus, it must measure at least 39.4" in height (unless its thickness is greater than 19.7", in which case its height can be lowered to 31.5") in order to prevent a person from tipping over by being above the hips.

Railings should also have a solid area up to a minimum of 17.7" in height (or vertical rungs spaced less than 4.3" apart) for the protection of babies and young children, so that they cannot pass their head and risk getting stuck or even falling while passing through.

railing barrs barring vertical horizontal standards dimensions Nantes
railing barring vertical barrs standards width height nantes

Stair handrail & railing

The same is true for stair handrails and railings (if the daylight side of the latter is not a wall).
And here again, the existing standards for public establishments are to be preferred.

If the day side of the staircase (or even both sides) is not a wall, a stair railing is strongly recommended in order to minimize the risk of falling. In this case, these are the same characteristics to take into account as the railing.
As for the railing, it must be between 31.5" and 39.4" from the stair nosing and at least 2" from the wall to ensure easy & pleasant gripping.

Handrail railing standards staircase height stair rail
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