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A staircase all metal or in association with a noble, functional and design solid wood

Your desire...

Are you building or renovating your property and would you like to have an unusual staircase ?

Do you want to bring a touch of modernity and design to your interior with a metal and wood staircase?

Staircase white steel wood oak central stringer tube square design modern welding installation Nantes
Staircase full metal metalwork welding renovation black mat central stringer living room Nantes

Do you need an outdoor staircase that is sturdy and weatherproof?

Outdoor staircase double stringers charcoal grey galvanized powder coated

Do you want a thin staircase, in full metal, in order to keep a certain lightness in your interior?

staircase central stringer metal steel powder coated paint entrance Nantes


An interior or exterior staircase… all metal, or with solid wood steps… straight, quarter-turn, 2/4-turn, helicoidal, twisted… with central stringer, solid exterior stringers, exterior or interior rack stringers, with suspended steps… in a varnished, patinated, powder coated finish… with or without railing… with or without riser… give free rein to your desires!

3d design...

The dimensioning of your staircase will be carried out using a 3d design software, in compliance with the safety standards in force, while keeping as primary objective an optimum comfort of ascent and descent (dictated by Blondel's Law) as well as a design that suits you.

staircase draw software stairs railing 3d design quarter-turn custom-made Nantes Loire-Atlantique
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