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engineer euro purchase industry white collar tie Nantes
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Profil métallier metallier lunettes noires découpe chalumeau oxy-acéthylène atelier
Welder hood mig mag tig welding metalworker metal steel Nantes workshop

Cyril DUPONT is an industrial engineer, including several years as a project buyer, who has always loved creating with his own hands.
After 20 years spent in the industrial environment, 2 completely renovated apartments and friends helped on construction and renovation of houses, he decided to learn metalwork via a technical center in order to be able to create his own metalworking company. He can also count on the old equipment of his grandfather, who also worked in metalwork industry in his time...

Ancre atelier


A workshop in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), equipped with old robust equipment dating back 2 generations as well as recent tools to carry out your projects according to the rules of art!

Craftsman workshop drill steel material conveyor rollers mig welding machine grinders metal saw Nantes
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