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Glass partition wall

The interior glass partition wall reveals the potential of your home with an original and refined separation

Your desire...

Do you want to partition and structure a large space with a galss partition wall, while keeping as much light as possible?

Loft steel metal black mat glass partition wall living room bedroom Nantes
glass partition wall bedroom desk steel black mat Nantes

Do you want to cleverly separate your bedroom from your office with a glass partition wall, without suffocating the sleeping area?

Do you want to "create" an additional room withe a glass partition wall, while keeping the size of the original space?

Glass partition wall metalwork welding kitchen steel mat metal Nantes

Variety of glass partition walls...

glass partition wall design atelier workshop glasses tall high Nantes

"Workshop" (Atelier) glass wall, glasses in one piece from floor to ceiling

Loft design glass partition wall three glazing flat high tall Nantes

Loft glass wall, usually 3 glasses of the same height, or a metal sheet and 2 glasses

Artist design glass partition wall transom window Nantes Loire-Atlantique steel white black

Artist glass wall, large glasses with a glass transom on top

glass partition wall steel black mat double hinged door powder coated separation entrance kitchen Nantes
Bistrot design glass partition wall steel custom made transom high glazing Nantes

Bistrot glass wall, large glasses with a sheet metal fanlight encompassing 2 glasses

Mondrian design glass partition wall unstructured glazing steel custom made Nantes

Mondrian glass wall, unstructured like artworks from the artist of the same name

glass glasses colours shapes square Nantes


A simple glass partition wall, at an angle, under the roof, embedded in a wall, with hinged or sliding door, … an existing style or the fruit of your imagination… a T structure and square glazing beads, in flat iron, imposing or the thinnest possible... a raw varnished, patinated, powder coated finish... interior or visible joints... simple, colored, textured, sandblasted, insulating, soundproof glasses... the possibilities are almost unlimited!

Glass wall short story...

The "industrial" glass partition wall finds its origin in the conversion of large abandoned factories into artists' studios at the end of the 1960s.

These large spaces without interior walls have notably given rise to lofts, which have helped to popularize the glass partition wall as a separation allowing to keep the “illusion” of space and especially the luminosity.
The interior glass partition wall is therefore a major element of industrial decoration, in its grey/black metal and glass version. But it is not limited to this, as we can see in other finishes (white, pastel colours, etc.) for Scandinavian interior decoration, for example.

Ancient plant industrial metal glass partition wall light brightness
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