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Sideboard & dresser

Additional storage spaces that stand the test of time and moves!

Your desire...

Do you want a sideboard to complete your living room, create an elegant and stylish storage space in metal and wood, or full metal?

Sideboard metal transparent steel hinged door matt black painted living room made to measure wire mesh tray module Nantes
Dresser metal steel locker tray wood noble oak bottle bottles wine storage glass glasses dishes living room kitchen France Nantes Loire-Atlantique custom

You no longer have enough free space in your kitchen and want a custom-made dresser?


Sideboard and dresser in square or round tubes, in flat iron, in angles, ... full metal, with top and/or shelves in solid wood, ... with doors, drawers, glass holders, bottle holders, with or without legs, … in a raw varnished, patinated, powder-coated finish, …Give free rein to your desires!

On the environmental side...

Local manufacturing on demand, metal, solid wood, etc.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials (solid wood from sustainably managed French forests, ©Rubio varnish without VOC, food contact and respectful of the EN 71-3 toy standard, etc.)

PEFC wood environment respectful forest sustainable France Nantes Loire-Atlantique
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