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Pergolas, shelters, lean-tos, gazebos & carports

Protect your spaces with finesse and robustness with steel

Your desire...

Do you want to use your garage as a living room by imagining an outdoor carport?

Carport modern wood design steel galvanized powder coated outdoor parking Nantes
terrace lean-to shed custom-made metal terrace garden lounge metalwork welding

Would you like to shelter your terrace with an awning or lean-to?

Do you want to build a pergola that is open or closed on certain sides?

pergolas steel powder coated gadren lounge Nantes Loire-Atlantique


Pergolas, shelters (not closed), lean-tos, awnings, gazebos or carports can be in square or round tubes, in IPN, UPN, HAE beam, ... with one or more sides leaning against your property or not ... to be placed on existing masonry or with its own steel support structure also, closed on one to 3 sides or completely open, ... with or without patterns such as flowers, animals, in decorative sheets, laser-cutted or even glazed ... in a raw varnish finish, patinated, powder coated, … no limit except installation & height!

In terms of standards...

Below 6yd² of floor space, no administrative procedure is necessary for the installation of a pergola, a shelter (not closed), a lean-to, an awning, a arbor or a carport.

Between 6 and 24yd² (increased to 48yd² if your area depends on a LUP) a Prior Declaration (DP in France) is required.
Beyond 24 or 48yd², depending on your situation, you will have to apply for a Building Permit (PC in France). The total structure will also have to be less than 39ft high...

Pergolas shelters lean-tos gazebos carports standards Nantes
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