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Gate entrance & wicket

Secure and enhance its various access pathes with hot-dip galvanized & powder coated steel

Your desire...

Do you want to feel a little more at home, out of sight, with a steel gate entrance?

Entrance gate tall occult steel galvanized dorte hinged powder coated charcoal grey outdoor Nantes
Sliding gate entrance steel custom-made Loire-Atlantique metalwork welding Nantes

Do you want to be able to let your pet thrive in your garden without fear of it running off with a metal gate entrance?

You want to be able to leave your vehicle in your driveway, without attracting covetousness with a strong metal gate entrance

hinged gate entrance car driveway steel custom-made mig mag tig Nantes


Gate entrance and wicket can be made of square, round, wrought iron tubes, … to be placed on an existing masonry or with its own steel supporting structure as well, … with or without motifs such as flowers, animals, in decorative or laser cutted metal sheets, … with a locking system or a simple handle… sliding, swinging, hinged, motorized or not… in a raw varnished, patinated, powder coated finish,… let your creativity do the talking here!

And the material...?

Because it is a material that has character, an undeniable robustness and which can at the same time bring elegance and finesse to your environment, just as much as the message “I am at home and you will not enter like that! ".

Why steel will you tell me?

fineness sewing needle thread character Nantes metal stainless

In terms of standards...

The gate entrance and/or the wicket are the first visible elements of your property, hence an important choice for the design.
However, the practicality should not be put aside, because their use is almost daily!
And above all, they must comply with a European standard, NF EN 13241-1.
As a fence, do not exceed 3.20m in height, as well as do not encroach on the public road (refer to the LUP of your Municipality).

It should be known, sometimes municipal agreements impose rules to be respected in terms of gate entrance and wicket.
Do not hesitate to consult them to make sure you are in good standing.
(generally do not have a swing gate installed in heavily snowy regions, or even a homogeneity of material/appearance of the gate entrance/wicket on a particular street or even an entire district…)

NF EN 13241-1 regulation Nantes
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